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t’s 11am on a Tuesday, and as I’m walking out of an appointment my phone buzzes. It’s an enquiry from the PR team at ZIKZAK Architects, a Ukrainian architectural and interior design company. They’re looking for a photographer in Limassol to showcase their latest project.

In this blog post, I showcase the final images of one of finest interior spaces I’ve come across in the corporate world of Limassol with some personal commentary.

interior design photography
Enalian Office Space by ZIKZAK Architects | Lobby Area

Showcasing Design Excellence in Cyprus | A Limassol photographer’s results

After a brief conversation, ZIKZAK Architects email me the renders. As soon as I lay eyes on them I know that this is a project I do not want to turn down. Although I often get the opportunity to photograph beautiful houses and apartments, it’s not every day that I get the chance to shoot a beautifully designed corporate space.

After some back and forth with the client and a site visit, we set a date to shoot. If you’d like to know more about how the shoot went down, you can check out my previous blog post, where I discuss a day in my life as a photographer working in Limassol.

While shooting, it becomes very clear that a lot of thought and purpose has been put into the design of the office.

I’ve asked ZIKZAK for their own brief on the project, however, they have advised that they cannot share the details until they have released their own publication on the project, so do check out this blog post again in the near future, as I will be updating it very soon with information directly from the client. In the meantime I will share my own layman design thoughts on the project.

Starting from the basement, there is clearly a goal to accommodate both function, aesthetics and relaxation. A serious looking conference room, fitted with a conferencing camera and TV screen, as well as ports through the table for connecting electronic devices, speaks to the end client’s needs for a highly functional space for important meetings.

interior design photographer
Conference Room | Enalian | Limassol
office photography
Conference Room 2 | Enalian | Limassol

However, this room backs on to an area that is much more inviting—a beautifully lit seating area with mid-century looking blood-orange couches, a water dispenser and a coffee machine, providing therefore the perfect getaway for a quick mental reset, either before entering or after exiting the conference area. Both rooms share a common blood orange coloured palette in the choice of furniture, which is echoed in other areas of the building, such as in the manager’s office on the ground floor, the seating area adjacent to the meeting room on the ground floor, as well as the shelves on the third floor.

corporate photographer
Chill out room | Enalian | Limassol
interior design chairs
Coffee Room | Enalian | Limassol
interior design detail photography
Chairs | Enalian | Limassol

Moving to the ground floor, one finds another beautifully lit area—not by the fittings, but by the natural sun breaking through the tall window blinds. High ceilings lend to lofty ideas for those who spend their time below them, and it is clear that the light makes for an already large space look even bigger than it is. As a result, the lobby area—the first thing anyone walking into the building will see—is both inviting but also conveys a feeling of grandness. The earth tones found throughout the area, both by the wooden wall behind the reception area but also the greenery between the couches, provide the perfect offset to the long, beige couches and brightly lit white ceilings, which would otherwise have a more clinical appearance in their absence. This is aided by the the steel-looking marble of the reception area. Finally, the interesting shadows created by the tall, half-open window blinds create both a sense of both mystery and elegance. Indeed, I have seen hotel lobbies with a much less grandiose feeling than this one. As an architectural photographer working in Limassol, this area provides both the perfect “hero” shot for the client but also for my own portfolio.

limassol architectural photography
Lobby | Enalian | Limassol

Hiding behind the reception area you will find more evidence of a focus on function, but without any sacrifice towards form. A “zoom both” for private phone calls sits at the corner of the floor, directly opposite the manager’s office, while behind the aforementioned office one finds several desks dotted with ergonomic chairs and more greenery.

zoom booth
Zoom Booth | Enalian | Limassol
Couch | Enalian | Limassol
manager's office
Manager's Office | Enalian | Limassol
photographer interiors limassol
Hallway | Enalian | Limassol
desk view
Ergonomic Chair | Enalian | Limassol

To the right of the lobby - before the reception area - one finds another seating area in a narrow hallway (mentioned previously in this post) dotted with a distinctive red colour palette that is beautifully contrasted by the blue furniture in the eating area directly opposite. 

seating area
Seating Area | Enalian | Limassol
eating area
Eating Area | Enalian | Limassol

Finally, another meeting room can be found in the heart of the ground floor, adjacent to the aforementioned hallway.

meeting room
Ground Floor Meeting Room | Enalian | Limassol

Moving to the third floor, which I mentioned previously in this post, one finds a hallway leading directly to another “zoom booth”, albeit a standing one without a desk. This booth dissects an open plan office area, with work stations on both sides of the room that overlook the streets of Limassol on either side of the building.

standing booth
Third floor Standing Booth | Enalian | Limassol
office space
Third Floor Working Area | Enalian | Limassol
office interior cyprus
Third Floor Office | Enalian | Limassol


Photographing interiors and buildings is a specialist niche within photography requiring a unique set of skills that are not always found in other types of photography. If you are an interior designer or architecture firm based in Limassol or anywhere else in Cyprus, I am at your disposal to help you capture your designs after completion and bring them to life. Contact me here so we can discuss your project.

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