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Why you need professional hotel and real estate photos

Professional hotel and architectural photography is not for the faint hearted. As an experienced architectural and hotel photographer based in Limassol and Nicosia, I specialise in capturing stunning images of buildings and hotels that showcase their unique features and character. As mentioned in my about page, I have had the privilege of learning from renowned LA-based architectural photographer Mike Kelley, whose techniques and methods I currently employ for my hotel and real estate clients here in Cyprus.

Unlike most photographers in Cyprus, I use tilt-shift lenses - as opposed to traditional lenses - for my real estate work. These niche lenses allow me to control the plane of focus, eliminate distortion and avoid parallax effects, which are critical to capturing the leading lines of buildings. These types of lenses are often a must-have requirement by any architect who is looking for a photographer to capture their work. I also employ the use of strobe lights to provide me with various lighting options that I can then carefully incorporate into a composited image in Photoshop. My post-processing skills, as demonstrated in this blog post, allow me to achieve a level of quality in real estate photography that is unparalleled in Cyprus.

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